He’s out of Your League

All men are handsome…trust me.


Some men are legitimately handsome and just out your league my lady.

These are the guys you call MCM on social media and such.

What were you told when you were a young girl? That you are a beautiful woman and you can get anything you want out of this life? Yes, that is true…..you can get any shit you want if you work your pretty ass off but please don’t try getting these men. You will experience heartaches, headaches, stomaches and depression when you date these so called fine boys…no let me call them what they are ‘fuck boys’.

These men can’t be kept…period.


That is what makes them ‘out of your league’. Yes, you can manage to lure them into one night stands BUT you can’t boyfriend or husband them unless you are down for competition with other females. Let me tell you, these handsome men know they are good looking. And they even work harder to refine other areas of their lives i.e working out, joining self improvement courses and such. The same way a hot chic knows she is shit is the same way a hot nigga knows he is dope. He can easily get girls numbers….and trust me he use those numbers. And he doesn’t use them for business, he uses them to empty his balls.

I did the sister to this article last week and it did so well….check it out here.

Dick is cheap…relationship is expensive.

You can easily get dick even if you are an average chic BUT you can’t tie down some men into relationships…they are too much meat for one mouth. Every woman wants him and you know what, he wants them too.

There is sex all over this town if that’s all you want but a good relationship is a hustle to find…I can say relationships are becoming extinct like white elephants. Seeing a good one is like finding an oasis in Kalahari desert. There is thirst for meaningful relationships in the big city. Who wants them anyway? people feel like they only need money and a good hook up once in a while. And that is just the life.


I see girls feeling bad when a nigga ignores them here and there…just chill he is not rejecting you. He probably has better options, he is getting more ass than you are offering. He can still bang you if you bother him for a longer period so there is hope. Just keep checking on him. Every dude experience a dry spell once in a while and that’s the best time for you to strike. Even the most advanced playboys go through a dry spell so who is that nigga bragging for you? You will get him let me assure you.

I am not a handsome dude…naaahhhh…I am regular…very basic.

But slade you said at the beginning that all men are handsome? Ignore that for a second…

I am writing this because I have been around some really hot niggas when I was trying modelling and we share a lot of screenshots and stories. These guys open their whatsapp and you wanna run. Hundreds of messages from different chics just lining up to get served sausage. And you are here thinking you can keep such a nigga in check. Playboys only retire from the game when they die. Don’t hate the player though, hate the game. And the game is fucked up.


He looks like a guy who lives in a gym

He works with a multinational

He drives a benz S class

Huh…that is triple threat right there. You are not the only one who sees that. That is something every chic probably wants. How do you get such a nigga? be hot and offer more than sex. If he has all those good qualities be assured he easily get sex. Now think of something else you can bring to the table. It can be intelligence. Maybe a great personality. And whatever else.

But slade what will I do to keep a nigga with all that sauce? Well, I will tell you what you already know, don’t introduce her to your girlfriends…nyamazia story. Keep it under water. You can easily lose that nigga to a hotter chic. You see that girlfriend of yours who runs around with sponsors and married men. She might just turn around and bend over for your nigga. And he will hit it I promise you. These bitches ain’t loyal. It is the same thing for us niggas, you think we tell our boys when we see a good girl i.e a potential lil mama…naaah until we get her pregnant, that is when we get to introduce her to the clan. Believe me one of my niggas got a baby and we only knew about it after around 6 months. All that time the hommie was just quiet. Usiambiange watu story zako haki…it is the eastlands way of life….but I am an open guy, I always tell my hommies when I see a good thing so that we can all go after it. I thrive in competition….or I can just let them have it. You see how I am a cool dude.


Lol, some chics have a great vibe. I see girls vibing boys on social media and in clubs. It is cool although it has never happened to me. I am the hunter not the hunted. I have a very scary face that make girls shiver, I told you sometime back that I don’t smile…yes. Anyway, how do you get some of these boys who seem out of your league? Compliment him on his shoes, men like getting such from chics and then invite him to your place period…end of story. He will come around when you turn around.

Now go get yourself nigga…you can use some thug lovin’.

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By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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