5 Ways to Write Better Blog Posts Than Mine

You want to be me but you can’t be me unless you get 40k comments on your blog, that’s the kind of problem I have with running this blog. I suspect like 10k comments there is spam that’s why I am yet to even confirm them and reply to most of them. And so if you want to write better articles than mine you can study my style and come up with better content that doesn’t attract spam. And that’s a very ambitious thing to even think of. You should apologize to me for even thinking of something like that. I am really good at the things I do so you have to be darn crazy and genius at the same time to write better blog posts than mine.

However, you can if you are dedicated to it. I am not Floyd Mayweather who has never lost. I know all about losses. Okay, enough of the back and forth argument, here are some ways to write engaging articles that can be better than mine. 

Enrich Your Vocabulary for Better Blog Posts Than Mine

You see the way the best student in English would have a collection of beautiful words in their composition, that’s the way you can beat me. Read far and wide and collect the most sophisticated vocabulary for your writing. I am very good with wordplay but I don’t have the finest collection of vocabularies like an American writer or a European writer. These native writers have an upper hand in job sites like Upwork because they are just natural with it. English is most likely not the first language for an African writer.

Read a lot of fiction, sci-fi, business books, and gather all the good words that you need to be competitive as a writer.

Come I Train you How to Write if you Want to be Better than me

It is only by learning under me that you will see how I do my magic. Otherwise, you won’t understand how I make meaning out of the most useless things and bring far-fetched ideas to life. Let me be your master. Then be that good student that gets better than the master.  It is called tacit knowledge, the kind of information stored deep down in a master’s mind that can only come out if he is willing to share. You can learn how to write on Google, but you will be getting explicit knowledge or you can decide to drop your pride and decide to learn how to write from me and get the fine, distilled, pure tacit knowledge that will make you a greater writer than me.

If you hang around me, my style of writing will just rub off on you. The best way to learn things is to study naturals, guys who didn’t need much training to be good at something. Those who are born for this thing as they always say.

Don’t Write Humor if you Want to be Better Than me

This is where the joke stops; you can’t be me as I said. You can try to but if I have developed a nice sense of humor from a young age that I can easily embarrass your favorite comedian in a stand-up show. I don’t think I have competition when it comes to humor. However, humor is useless in writing. You want to be a great writer, not a clown. It is good to throw in funny statements here and there but keep your eye on the task; make sure you choose nice topics, have good information, research well, and even interview people for your blog posts.

If you want to outcompete anyone you do it by beating them on what they are bad at not what they are good at, it is very difficult outshining a competitor in their strength. So, stay off comedy and drama because I am very good at those. I can make punchlines from just anything.

Write Longer Blog Posts if you Want to Better Than me

I usually write 1000 word articles, I will tell you to write 2000 word articles. It is scientifically proven that long articles perform better than short ones. I am a lazy reader and I usually assume that my readers are the same, well that’s not true because people tell me to make my articles longer. I usually like explaining my points in fewer words but it seems readers can’t just get enough of a good article. If a blog post is nice, the reader won’t mind reading more of it. I have read 6,000-word articles and I didn’t feel tired because the content was amazing.

If you are a beginner aiming to surpass me, I will advise you to just write more and richer content than me. Just work as twice as me and you might just surpass me.

Don’t Look up to me if you Want to Write Better Blog Posts than me

I have had competitors who would quote my statements, that’s when I knew they are lost. If you are trying to be me you are a fan, not even a competitor. And I don’t compete in anything that I do; I just focus on myself because I believe success can be shared. If my blog becomes big, other writers with potential can write on it. I have also been a guest blog on other blogs. That’s how I see blogging, like something I have fun doing not even a competition. However, it is not bad to have an arch-enemy, it keeps you on toes…it is common in business.

So, look up to other multimillionaire writers who churn out New York Times bestsellers and you can surpass me.

And there you have it; I have given you the tools to torture Jeff when it comes to writing blog posts. Above all, you have to be quite good because I ain’t no joke of a writer even though I write comedy.

All the best!

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By Slade Jeff

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