How to Take Great Photos for Your Online Profile

A portfolio of well-taken photos comes in handy from time to time. I used to try modeling, I still do it on the low but I have focused my energy more into writing. And one thing I learned was how to take great photos that you look twice at. You don’t want to take photos that people swipe through without taking a second look.

A picture is more than a thousand words. You don’t have to say anything online nowadays, your pictures are everything. So, to kick off the list of what makes a great photo like that of Rihanna or a Hollywood superstar, here’s the list;

Get a Professional Photographer

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A good photographer is not that expensive in the city. They charge as low as Sh. 300 for a nice studio or outdoor photo within the city. If you are traveling and there is a photographer with you, you can hire his or her services because outdoor photos have more personality than a studio taken photo.  A photo that captures a part of your lifestyle like traveling, exercising, or even cooking can go a long way. I once posted a photo of me drinking with friends and a casting agent contacted me to show up for a commercial shoot.

He asked if I can come with the people I was with on the photo. You see, a good photo can open doors.

That’s why outdoor photos are more real, a studio photo is ‘manufactured’.

Don’t Look for the Camera, let it Find you

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When you are in an event and photos are being taken, don’t look for the cameraman, the photographer is always going around taking pictures randomly. The best photos are those that will get you off-guard not the ones you rehearse and pose for. All you need to do for the camera to capture you is to dress well when going for events and stay active at the party, keep smiling and have a good time. Interact with people and I am sure one photo will capture you doing something fun.  Event photos are also some of the best you can have in your collection. I have photos of me speaking in events and they usually look good on my WhatsApp or Instagram page.

It is the same when taking studio photos; don’t look straight at the camera, unless you are talking a headshot or a passport photo. Use your angles, choose your best angles.

People should be messaging you asking where you take your photo, that’s how you know you have great photos.

Take Many Shots

Afro american latin woman holding shopping bags.

One or three takes is not enough to get you good photos, you take many with different outfits and from different angles.

It is good to know your best angles, if you have a prominent jawline, show it. If you look good from the left side of your face, show that!

Learn how to pose like a model. You can google or follow Mariano di Vaio on Instagram. He has some of the best photos I have seen online.

You can just date a model , apart from good photos they will teach you how to dress fashionably for great pictures. If you don’t want to date them, befriend them.

One day photos are not enough to build your Instagram profile, you will be taking many as you grow over the years. I look at some of my old photos and they are average. I have improved considerably when it comes to photos.

You also have to be adventurous to build a great portfolio. That’s why I am not into studio photos; they don’t show any life in you. Anybody can walk into a studio and pose for a photo. However, if you are doing yoga at the beach and take some photos, that would be a great addition to your catalog.

You can always walk around with your photographer if you can afford one. He or she can take photos of you singing, dancing, or doing something fun.

Buy a Nice Camera and Learn how to Take Great Photos

Group of diverse friends enjoying summer time together

For your online profiles, the photo doesn’t have to be yours all the time. You can also take photos of places or incredible things you notice as you tour the globe.

Not everyone wants to see you, learn still photography, and capture some good moments you encounter in your daily life.

A good picture is about the right lighting and not megapixels. An expensive phone’s camera might not give you the best photos if you don’t know how to use the light. All megapixel does is to make sure that the quality of the picture remains the same even after you expand the photo.

Look at me trying to teach you photography, take my advice with a grain of salt. All I know is how to take photos with my smartphone.

Don’t Invade People’s Privacy With Photography

Group of multiracial happy teenagers playing basketball outdoors - caucasian and black people - concept about summer vacation, sport, games and friendship

When taking photos for your profile, don’t capture people who don’t want to be a part of your picture. It is a violation of privacy. Even when a photographer takes your picture, it belongs to you not him. He can request to use it as a sample but he can’t sell it without your permission.

Great photos are expensive and they sell at a good price on Shutterstock or Pixabay. When I am blogging and I need featured images for my posts, I struggle to go through numerous free online photos before I come across something that I can use.

If your photos are great sell them to someone who wants to buy. If you practice this photography thing and get good at it, sell your skills. People make big bucks doing photography in this town.

Talking about privacy, respect your privacy too, don’t post shirtless photos online unless you are showing us abs.

Who am I to talk about privacy when it comes to photos, guys will post nudes on IG every day. All I want to do here is help you create good photos you can use on sites like LinkedIn, WhatsApp display picture, Instagram page, or just a photographer’s portfolio.

You can take it further and learn to edit and Photoshop if you want to do this photography business. Join photographers’ WhatsApp groups and learn from the gurus. You will be good.

A good photo can show you in a good light. A bad one can show you in a bad light. Remember I told you it’s all about lighting when it comes to great photos. You want to paint a good picture with your photos.

Your image is still important even as you take great photos.

Nice photo shoots!

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