Simple Tips on Being Carefree

The worst thing you can be sometimes is too remorseful. Go on and care too much and you might just drain yourself. You might absorb other people’s bad emotions. You can care but like with anything, too much of it might lead to worry. And worries lead to a disturbed soul. You don’t want your soul to be troubled. You want to be carefree.

It is darn hard not to care, I will be lying to you if I tell you I don’t think and care about a lot of the things happening around me. However, like with anything, there is an extent. You might care too much and end up absorbing too much of bad emotions than you can handle. This world we live in will never cease having problems. If you worry too much you may not live long to even enjoy your grey hair days. You will go to an early grave. You will get bitter.

There is no single day the world will be saved from all its problem and so don’t worry about the world (global warming, alien invasion, world economy) these are not your problems, unless you are a head of state or a military man, don’t lose your sleep over these. You can watch all of it in the movies and news and go back to eating burgers.

 However, you as a person should take care of your problems so as to remain carefree. It is these constant problems of health, money, and relationships that will give headaches. Before you try being carefree, at least you will need some of that. However, in the meantime, you have to be happy. You got to remain strong and keep smiling as you work towards solving these problems.

I suppose you have the basics, a pair of jeans to wear, a bed to sleep on, food in your stomach and a sober mind to think and make moves. Many people don’t even have these basic needs. If you have these you are okay at least, you are not doing that bad if you ask me.

The next one now is to clear your mind of bad thoughts, you can meditate, do push-ups, join a community of an activity you love. It is all in the mind. The mind is still one of the strongest determinants of someone’s outlook in this life. If you fill your mind with fears and made-up things that don’t exist, you will suffer. At the same time be realistic, if your mental model is messed up you won’t be living a real life. Work to revise your mindset and refresh your beliefs. Don’t hold strong beliefs because life will keep on surprising you. Life will never stop happening so just keep an open mind as you go through it. Keep a room for surprise.

I am sounding like a motivational speaker today but no, you want to be carefree? It starts with the mind. Don’t confuse this with carelessness. It is very dangerous to be careless with your life. You only have one life to live and what’s the point if it is full of pain and worries.

There will always be something to worry about if you are to worry; it can be corona today, it can be a relationship tomorrow, it will be your kids another day, it is just pointless. All you can do is try to put your house in order and avoid potential bad things happening in the future. Try to save, or start a business, take care of your diet and select better friends. If you do this, your future might look bright. You will avoid problems that can come from a lack of money, bad health, or bad affairs. It is these things that mess up people. I don’t know what else gives people a hard time on this rock apart from those three.

If you have plans for a better tomorrow and you put them into action, then you can be carefree knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself. Otherwise, it is hard being carefree when you don’t even know what you will eat next month.

It is hard assuming things. You have to be very bold to wake up broke and just be carefree unless you are a psychopath. Anybody with some sympathy will think about his future. And try to put it together.

And that’s why it’s tough for many people to be carefree. When the business is not picking up, or the money is drying up, I don’t think you can put on a brave face for long. Many people will succumb to the setbacks and go into depression.

However, there are those who keep smiling through problems and work it out till they find a solution. They just keep a good attitude and control their emotions, they can fight the bad feelings that come with the hustle.

It is tough telling Africans to be carefree, it is a hustle down here. That’s like telling anybody to just be confident. All I can say for now is plan to be carefree, work on it, very few people live carefreely. It is a grind every day but we still live on the edge. We don’t stop living because things are hard.

Don’t wish for things to get easier either, and don’t wait to be in a perfect place for you to start living. In fact, it can be your goal to be one day carefree; I don’t think I have that power to tell anyone to be carefree right now. It is a hard thing to achieve. I would be lying if I just told you to be carefree.


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