Sweet and Sour

The new breed of rappers has been considered sweet, as opposed to the OGs who were said to be hard. It is said that rap is soft nowadays. Well, all that bad boy vibe that rappers had back in the days was not making them money and they had to transition into a more general audience vibe so that they can sell more. I can’t blame them for that. You don’t want to be taking food from your plate with x rated lyrics.

You see even YouTube has clean versions for some of my favorite songs. The dirty version of those songs was hitting too hard and they had to clean up for a more family-friendly version. I like hardcore rap, I don’t listen to soft music as such because they make me soft. I don’t like too much emotion.

The moment things get emotional, I distance myself. I can handle emotions but not for long, I want good vibes only. Anybody with a healthy mindset will seek positivity even in hard times. Emotions are not bad, we are all emotional to an extent. Only psychopaths don’t show emotions.  What is not healthy is being too emotional.

Sourness is close to bitterness, however, being a total sweetheart is not just almost impossible but can be draining at times. Even your tongue has a place to taste sour things like lemon. I don’t take lemon water just because it is sour. Most of the people I know who like lemon water are sour. You are the things you eat believe me. Eat too much meat and see what will happen with time, you will get into a lot of beefs, your heart will become wild, in an animalistic way.

The red meat-eating type of men is not sweet at all.

I like passion and mango juice and you can tell that I am a very sweet guy. Okay, I have a sweet tooth. And I try to avoid foods without sweetness. There are nutritious foods with a bland taste and that makes it hard for someone who wants to live healthily but has a sweet tooth. You see foods like Managu, boiled eggs, some watermelons are not sweet at all. But you can get a lot of vitamins from them.

Even sugarless tea is good but it is just impossible for most people. Bread is not sweet, eat sweet potatoes in the morning instead.

Apart from food, separating sweet from sour is like removing pain from pleasure. Sometimes the two go together, it is like Yin and Yang. You remove pain from pleasure and the pleasure loses meaning. The best example is when working out, it is very painful but the pain is good as it helps you grow.

However, we have useless pain that doesn’t help you grow in any way. It is just pain that leaves you in grief, I tell you to stay away from such pain. And again, as I said there will never be pain without pleasure, DMX raps that all he knows is pain. He has had a cruel life, but every time he released a song it was always straight fire. He is not sweet like other rappers but his songs are still dope. When I say dope, I just mean that. Dude seems like he likes doping. I use his songs for working out because of the pain I feel in my muscles, the lyrics make me push myself further on the bench or treadmill. And even the beats are good for working out.

There is a song called joy and pain by Frankie Beverly, it is an adorable classic because of the reality in it. If you want only pain you will be a sadist, if you want only sweetness you will be a coward avoiding life. There is a balance in everything. If it gets too easy, you must have mastered it or it is not just challenging anymore.

However, if something is causing you a lot of pain and heartache, then it is not worth it. It might not be just for you. That doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. There are people who enjoy some things you find nasty. It is like alcohol, if you drink liquor you will realize that most of them don’t taste nice at all. Something like beer is bitter. I have never enjoyed any beer I tried out; I need to try more brands before I conclude that all beers are sour and tasteless.

Despite the funny taste of alcohol, some guys binge drink. They say it is so sweet. I make a special order for a sweet cocktail when I go out, I have to tell the mixer to put some oranges in my cocktail so that I can enjoy. I don’t like dry things. Another option for someone with a sweet tooth would be sweet red wine instead of dry. Now, if you are to try semi-sweet wine, you will love it more than dry or sweet wine. It is the most incredible combination of sweet and sour.

I want you to steer clear of illicit brew like changaa, that is something else. It is not sweet and neither is it sour. It is just like a poison that kills people, I grew up in the village and when guys drank that concoction, they would faint on their way home first of all. Then when the rain comes, it hits them to death. Changaa is pure ethanol.

A group of white students once came to my village for a benchmarking program and tried that liquor, they thought it is the local mojito they drink in Miami, they were walking funnily after drinking it. Changaa is even in the city, Kibera or kawangware has some of it. Don’t drink it if possible. It is very expensive if you don’t know. You can afford a beer if you can afford changaa. I once asked the marketers for a brewer who their biggest competitors in the market are and they said it is these changaa guys. They have a big market share too.

You will think only the village guys like changaa but even the educated guys try it when they go to the village, well if you go to the village and start drinking Whisky, you won’t be experiencing something new. You go to the village for a break from the city lifestyle but just don’t try that local brew if possible. There are many alternatives for changaa; pombe wa mnazi, busaa etc. they all taste funny, neither sweet nor sour. I don’t trust these questionable drinks without marks of quality.

Sweet or sour, it all depends on whom you are asking. It can be sweet for one person; it can be sour for the next. Even if you lose something in life, don’t be a sour loser. Learn to lose. If you win, don’t be a proud winner. I suggest you play to win, either way, the outcome will be in your favor.

Till another time!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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