Surveillance tips Women use to dig out Information About Men (and How to Cover your Tracks)

Even if you have nothing to hide, it is not advisable to be open, especially with a woman; you don’t tell a woman everything. You tell a woman nothing. However, women are very aware men don’t tell them many things, and they usually find sneaky ways to gather information. Or rather, they don’t trust the words of men and opt to find out the truth by themselves.

Oversharing makes you lose your mystery, and when a woman knows everything about you, you become boring; besides, she can find ways to cause problems if she knows a lot about you. It is better to keep things to yourself most of the time. It is not good being secretive, and it is also not good being too open. You don’t expose yourself like that, bro. Anyway, these are some of the ways to avoid people, especially women you just met, prying into your privacy.

Your Social Media Timeline

If she has your social media handle, she can know anything she wants because she can be following your stories. However, a smart guy might not overshare personal things on social media. Just post normal things and fewer pictures. Don’t leave locations on your post; that’s how someone tracks your movements. If you can stay off social media, great for you, but if you need social media to market your stuff or are in a career like marketing, then just do business there and interact with clients and make jokes but don’t leave your details there. Some rapper called pop smoke got killed because he accidentally showed his address on social media. Someone got it and decided to invade his home with the intention of robbing. He died in that incident. So, no addresses and locations. But you can dm your location if she asks for them, don’t be so selfish with your location all the time.

When I talk about social media, I mean everything, including WhatsApp groups you are in, WhatsApp status you post, True caller details, and even your YouTube channel if you have one. These are public profiles that people can use to extract any information about you they need. As for WhatsApp, you can simply block her from seeing your status. The rest are open platforms anybody can access and get your personal data. Do you make videos? You have no control over those once you share them, they will just go viral as much as they can, and you will do nothing about it.

The women who look for these information are new girls you just met and are still deciding what to do about you. If they see any red flags on your profiles that you are a bad boy or a player, it can scare them, and you can lose a good girl like that. I don’t want you losing a gal because of the silly things you post. Even when talking to a chic, don’t say much. Let her do the talking because men are very good at saying the wrong things that get them losing points in the dating game. In other words, just shut up for the larger part of the interaction, let her do the talking.

Young pretty black woman looking bewildered and astonished, with hand over forehead looking far away, watching or searching against orange wall
I salute you sir! You are on IG, let me check it out!

 Let me tell you that women are usually shocked when I tell them I am on social media; they are like, “oh really, you are on IG? I should stalk you”. They assume Social media is their thing, not ours.

Your Friends or Family

Your friends can say some silly things that will mess up your new relationships. Personally, I have never introduced a woman to my friends or family, and I am usually not interested in meeting her friends and family; what for? They will only size you up and tell her what they have seen wrong or right with you. Things she didn’t care about or don’t even need to know.

No man in his right senses introduces his boys to his gal. Your boys can get drunk and start revealing silly things you usually do that your chic might not like. Boys do a lot of lame things when they are alone, and that should just be in-house; it can’t get to the ear of that beautiful lady you want to court. Tread carefully when bringing people together; just don’t introduce your gal to your boys, not yet, especially when it is too early. Another thing is that she can judge you by the caliber of your friends. If you have some shitty friends, you upgrade to some quality people, and there are usually not many quality men or women. We all have a few friends who are still lagging socially and economically. These are the guys who spoil things most of the time.

Your House

Now, we are hitting home. If she comes to your house, she can tell a lot about you, just the way your house is organized or disorganized. It is just common sense to clean up if you have a lady coming over. I clean my house for myself and not because of women, but I have had friends who tell me that my place should be cleaner if I plan to bring ladies. You see the way I have noisy visitors. Who told them I am planning to bring strangers to my house. This is my gateway place, and I don’t like home invaders.

Your house is your personal space, and you should keep it clean when you plan to have visitors coming by. It is also just right to be a clean guy. Women like clean men to an extent. I am a little dirty; if you read my blogs, you can tell I can be nasty at times. You can be clean and dirty, clean, and disorganized. There is that ad that says dirt is good.

Your Smartphone

It is called a smartphone for a reason; it captures a lot about a guy. Your phone has a lot of memories of you. I clean my phone a lot, but I still find things that I cleaned from my phone still popping up on my memory from time to time. I have to clean and re-clean it many times to permanently delete useless photos and videos that I receive from people. You can’t clean messages totally because you need them for records purposes at times. It is just like emails; you can’t do away with all emails lest you forget all things you have planned on the way. Your phone is just not to be touched, and the password should not be an easy combination. Your combination should be one to die for.

It is okay for a lady to fish for information from those other sources, but your phone is a no-go zone. However, she doesn’t have to touch your phone to see anything. If you sit next to her, she can peep without you noticing. They have a broader vision than men. Women see a lot of things than you realize. Men tend to be clueless socially; they are letting on a lot than they think. When it comes to phones, it is simple, switch it off when you are with her or put it on silent mode. You will come back to your phone later. I know what I am talking about here. I was once sitting opposite a lady on a date, and I opened my phone to check something. She told me she just saw my password as I was opening my phone. And I was sitting opposite, not even next to her…sigh! if we were dating, I am sure she wouldn’t have told me she knows my password; she would just be checking my conversations on the low-key, and then when we fight, she has all the evidence. I imagine the worst situation here.


Surveillance is something women like doing, and most people around you do it way more than you think. It is different from stalking; if someone is stalking, then you should watch out. Stalkers are not fun. It is almost psychopathic to stalk. It is just scary. And a woman can surveil if she feels like you are going astray or if you are just too mysterious or if she is interested in you in one way or another. They like spying and causing a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Nice time!

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