Simple New Year Goals you can make as a Man

For your new year goals, you want something easily achievable; realistic, simple, and measurable, you can use analytics to track your goals if you are that serious. I have never made goals, I tend to take life as it comes but hey, you need a plan at times, I think we all think of something we want at a certain point in life. And if you get to that point, you raise the bar, there is no limit.

There are simple goals you can start with like these;

  • If you want to start a business, get more knowledge of the business. Read business journals or use videos if you don’t like reading. But business books are good
  • Try something new like dating a foreigner or skating
  • Visit a neighboring country, before you go to the Caribbean try Uganda or Congo
  • Learn to repair a machine, you are a man, learn to fix a car. Get the basics
  • Look for more work, increase your work volume. Go beyond the bare minimum
  • Do at least 50 challenging push-ups each day
  • Eat more red meat and vegetables. Eat carrots to have good vision, I wear glasses so I know you need good eyes. You want to see far? get good eyes!
  • Increase your typing speed. How many words do you churn out in a minute? The secret to typing faster is reading a lot so that when you start typing the ideas just flow
  • Work on your relationships, the secret to a happy life is said to be found in great relationships
  • Sleep 30 minutes more
  • Meditate each morning
  • Drink more water, or just check your water level. It might not be okay!
  • Wash your carpets and blankets. Men don’t wash these things regularly. Take them to your regular car wash joint or get those women who do it for bachelors at a fee!
  • Learn excel, or refresh your excel skills!
  • Learn to bake bread, I am struggling to make chapattis and cookies! Buy that baking machine
  • Get a dog or a cat if you like pets. Or buy a dairy cow in the village, it is good to own an animal
  • Get a haircut every two weeks. It will help you remain neat.
  • Develop a minimalist wardrobe (blazers, fitting shirts, V-neck t-shirts, skinny jeans, and some nice boots)
  • Expand your network (know more people)
  • Try singing or dancing or rap music (Take classes on poetry or drawing, wherever your talents are)
  • Learn music production if you like sounds
  • Minimize solid waste (the average human produce 6kg of solid waste each day, look at where there is wastage in your life and cut it off)
  • Participate in politics (a man may choose not to be part of politics but cannot escape the political environment). When you find regular citizens talking politics at the shop, join and share your ideas
  • Learn sales by selling something. It can be a service or a product. You want to be a seller this year and not only a buyer

There you have it, these are simple New Year goals you can try if you are interested in making some goals. I don’t like complicated plans that’s why I decided to come up with simple goals you can try. If you want to do something big like buying land, well there is a 500 x 100 for sale in Kimuka, 10 km from Ngong town, it is going at 500k Kenyan shillings, that’s only $5000 so yeah, contact that number on my bio and the land could be yours, I can build you this year literally!

Happy New Year!

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