Valentines’ Tips for People in Open Relationships

It is coming and it’s hot. It will also be cold for those single souls. Well, Valentine’s is a day like any other but this one looks different, it shall be on a Sunday. I don’t know how this valentines’ fell on a Sunday but that is it, sometimes it happens. My weekends tend to be busy with work so I don’t know how I will go about this one. The most confused people during Valentine’s are those in casual relationships, nothing serious yet. Neither here nor there.

Let me state that should you take that casual girlfriend or boyfriend out on Valentine’s day itself, it changes the terms of the relationship subconsciously. It automatically becomes something serious sort of, or you will be insinuating that you are serious about this thing you have here. And again should you ignore it completely, it shall mean you really don’t give a shit about that relationship. It is a double-bind you are dealing with here, you are damned if you do it, and you are damned if you don’t do it.

Now, what are you gonna do about it, considering that you are in the middle? Well, it depends. If the person you see casually is cool, you can do the 12th, which will be on a Friday, stay away from that valentine’s weekend as much as you can. Considering that it is falling on a Sunday, guys will start on it from Friday and onto the weekend. In my country it is falling on a Sunday, which means in other countries it will be on a Monday, depending on the time zone. However, Monday is a working day so from Saturday onwards serious couples will be on like it’s no one’s business.

I choose Friday for you, it is usually that day for doing casual things. Even offices where people wear shirts and official shoes Monday to Thursday are usually laid back on a Friday. It is the day to get away with anything casual. If your relationship status is unstated, neither here nor there, then do it on the 12th and forget about it. Just do something simple, go for a cup of hot chocolates, and buy some dark chocolates which you shall eat together. You can also eat fried goat meat and ugali or rice.

That’s all, another option is usually wine. Buy a bottle of wine, semi-dry, and drink it up with your date. You can talk a little about your ambitions and the future onwards. Ignore topics about the status of your relationship, it is casual and not something to talk about. I hope you are both aware it is casual, you don’t want one person misunderstanding things and falling in love.

If you are single I don’t know what to tell you, but nobody is entirely single. People always have someone they are in some sort of relationship with; that casual person you are seeing is the one I am talking about here, do something light on the 12th to avoid feeling left out and unloved.

I don’t know what the fuss is all about when it comes to valentines. I am a bonafide African male who grew up in the village and I never saw people bother with these holidays. I am seeing these things here in the city. When I was new in the city life, I would just ignore talking to girls from 12th to 15th, but when I resumed our conversations on 16th, they would be a little cold. They would ask where I was on Valentine’s.

No matter how gangster and tough your lady looks, bro, she cares about valentines. She really does I promise you, and it is not even her fault. It is the pressure from society; her friends, co-workers, and the mainstream media that she consumes which is full of valentine’s messages and offers at the moment. That’s the problem. I personally don’t care about it, I know it ain’t shit but I am a blogger so I shall have to write about it. People are already asking me if I have a valentines’ blog. And these people are not in relationships so I don’t know why they are concerned with things that should not concern them. They are just busybodies…lol.

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They should instead be asking about how to get a girlfriend in one week which is a possible goal. And actually, that’s my solution for single people during this Valentines’, you can get a man or a woman before then and set up a date on the 12th or 13th. Even on the 14th day itself, you can walk around and meet someone and go on an instant date with them so all hope is not lost. The things you want are just around the corner if you are willing to look.

How do you get a date in one week or one day? Well, that’s quite a task if you haven’t sharpened your skills with the opposite sex but start from your contact list. Go back and revisit some old contacts you were chatting with and see who shall bite. Send a message like this;

“Hey Nancy, it’s been a second, hope the going is just fine over there? I am all here just hustling and trying to make money…so how’s your plan this week. You can spare a minute or two we hangout!”

If you didn’t part ways on bad terms, she will reply. If you are a lady you can equally send it to a man you like and see if it will work. I am sure if they are free they will tell you, they are likely to say “maybe weekends”.

I used Nancy there as an example, I am not dating anybody by that name. People are good at developing ideas so I just have to clear that.

You don’t have to go overboard with this little celebration, we are just from January, one of the roughest months so be modest in expressing your love; a tea, a coffee, a cake maybe, a bar of chocolate, and life shall continue.  True love is not that loud, it is calm.

And just like that, you will be covered for valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Week!

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