The Healing Power of Tantric Massage

more than a neck massage!

I came across Lingam massage as I was writing about therapy for a client of mine, and I thought about its magical healing power for men. Tantric massage, also called lingam massage, involves stimulating male genitals, not to achieve orgasmic pleasure but to free men off sexual shame. It can also help heal sexual traumas, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. All the issues around sexuality that the modern man struggles with.

I know this is a beautiful thing because I have been through a lot of things. Don’t ask me where but yeah, I have been around the block to know what I am talking about regarding sexual matters, only that it wasn’t in a parlour. This is not even offered in Kenyan massage parlours. The only thing I can tell you about it is how it works and why you might want to try it. Consider it a piece of advice from a big brother.

The context behind lingam massage is that if all your sexual energy is concentrated on your pelvic region, you become creepy, not sexy. The massage, which also involves touching other parts of your body, helps redirect your sexual energy to other important sexual organs like your heart and head.

I have read stories of guys who were struggling with getting their partners open up to intimacy but decided to instead chill back with their partners, do a massage and talk about other things; from there, the intimacy came on naturally. Yes, it seems massage helps with a lot of things intimate.

It is said that society piles on sexual barriers and shame the expression of sexuality; I even feel a little odd as I write this. Thus, this massage aims to make a man regain full control of his sexual energy that he might have lost and learn to express it healthily with his mind and heart instead of just thinking with his phallus.

One thing to note is that during this tantric massage session, there is a talk session and also an eye contact session before the process begins. This means it is not new; these are things couples with healthy sexual lives practice, so it is nothing foreign.

From what I have researched and may be experienced, it is a process of sexual awakening, especially for frigid or prudish partners. If they have a more experienced partner, she can take the lead on this one. It should start with a full body massage first before moving to your balls and lingam.

One thing to note is that it doesn’t entail ejaculation; if you are ejaculating, it is not professional. Well, if it is between couples, then ejaculation can happen, no problem.

The main goal is to remove the psychological issues you have around sexuality; it is how yoga works; yoga helps an individual connect with his inner self and be in harmony with himself. As a yoga student, if you do yoga for a while, it helps you clear bad thoughts from your mind and awakens your sexuality. Your sex life can improve from doing yoga. Those stretching exercises and planks help improve sex life.

This massage works the same way; it sets you free to feel alive again if you have a dead libido or may be experiencing low testosterone moments. It is possible to boost these things up with activities like push-ups, meditations, and tantric massage. And lingam massage involves a meditative process too.

When you ejaculate uncontrollably as a man, it takes away a lot of your sexual energy; it signifies that you don’t have your sexuality in control. To get it back takes a good mastering of yourself and the ability to control your desires so that they work for you and not against you.

This is not an erotic massage; it is an awakening process that opens your sexuality and helps you enjoy intimacy in many ways apart from ejaculation. The end goal is not orgasms; underline that.

Where can you find it? Ask uncle Google about it, and try it with your partners. I am not offering it, neither am I a masseuse. Just talk to the Internet of Things.

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