‘How to Make love’ is Kenyans’ Most Searched Question

Well, it seems Kenyans have been having a problem between the sheets for the past 15 years according to Google. I have always underestimated sex but now it is clear that it is an extraordinarily crucial part of life.

Do you mean for over a decade the only problem Kenyans have is bad sex? I always suspected Kenyans are sexually frustrated but now it’s been confirmed.

I was shocked when that list of most searched topics by Kenyans came up. The other one was ‘how to make money online’. Well, I have made money online for quite some time so I have some ideas.

Back on how to make love, Google should tell us what’s the age range of people searching these topics, their list was not descriptive enough. Either way, I am not surprised, most people suck when it comes to intimacy. I don’t mean ‘suck’ literally, I mean they are awful at it.

You want to know how to make love, like Nike says “just do it”.

There is no other way you learn things but by just regularly doing it until you get good at them.

I was watching a movie some years back while in college and the actors were saying “you are either a doer or a don’t do”.

I never Googled ‘how to write’. I just started writing until I reached a million words. That’s how far I have gone.

Some guys haven’t Googled “how-tos” but are good at many things. When there was no internet, people were better off in relationships and dating. They would just do things with their partners and experiment till they become exceptional at them.

The internet came with millions of databases of information all from different sources and that fasten the learning process but still, you got to do it. Just do the deed.

Some things you just do until you figure them out. I won’t rag on the internet advice, some of it is just phenomenal and if you apply, you shall see results.

Making love is not complicated so why are Kenyans spending 15 years surfing the internet on it? You probably get advice on these things from the wrong places if you spend each year googling it or you don’t practice the advice you get enough.

I am not a sex god or a sexologist or even a sex symbol but I know that making love does not need some magical abilities.

It is all about more passion before the physical. The right emotions overrule skills in the bedroom. However, as I have said, just do it.

The second most relevant searched topic to me was “How to make money online”.

Do you want to know how to rake in loads of cash from the internet? Learn digital skills like writing, digital marketing, web design, and even animation.

After learning those skills, join sites like Upwork, social media groups, and WhatsApp groups for those professionals.

You will regularly see people posting those online jobs in those groups. Pounce immediately someone posts the jobs you have skills on. Don’t start by charging high amounts, charge small amounts as you amass experience.

Making money online requires a lot of resilience and aggressiveness. Just always be alert on opportunities and learn how to pitch, you need a strong proposal that is hard to resist.

You will also have to apply a lot before getting your first job so be ready for some rejections. Don’t wait for a yes after applying for these gigs, just apply as you go until you get some work.

I didn’t bother what else Kenyans have been searching on, they shocked me that all they wanted to know was how to make love.

Kenyans are naturally loving people. We are lovers considering that we don’t fight a lot as compared to our neighbors Ugandans or even Somalia.

Ugandans are lovers too but they have had wars for quite some time. Tanzanians like love portions.

However, people from the Spanish world and Mediterranean take pride in being good lovers. Even Swahili people brag about being great in bed. Kenyans like Luos or Luhya men also brag a little on their loving prowess.

That’s how being good at something start, taking pride in that activity or skill you want to master. Making love is a skill and so is dating, I would even go further and say it is a talent some people seem to have more than others. Or maybe they practice more than others, they have been around the block for a while.

Nice Weekend!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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