Lessons from 2021 (The Fastest Year in History)

While I was reviewing 2020, it was a bad time due to the pandemic. There were curfews and lots of frustrations due to challenges brought by Covid on people’s businesses and careers. Anyway, we are over it now, we got used to remote work and partial lock downs. And we also got vaccinated.

One good thing about human biology and nature is that as a species we can always adopt. We learned to live with the new situation and managed it just well, and things look better now.

Things had been going well till the omicron variant which seems like a spoiler virus started spreading. The curfews had been uplifted in my country and we were so happy. We are still riding on the waves of the newfound freedom from curfews so we don’t need another apparently highly contiguous virus spoiling things and taking us back to curfew lifestyle when we couldn’t party and men couldn’t make booty calls past certain hours. We are just good where we are right now as a people.

As for me, 2021 moved so fast. I wrote a lot this year. Never have I done so much in a year. However, most of my writings didn’t go on the blog, they were for clients on whatever platforms they were meant for. My blog didn’t have much activity this year. I plan on going hard come 2022.

While reviewing 2020, I mentioned that the biggest shocker was Trump’s loss to Biden. Well, in 2021, the worst that ever happened was Omicron, it is just a spoiler for me. I can’t imagine flu that has many worse variants holding the world hostage for more than two years straight. And just when a vaccine was made, another variant showed up.

There is a line in the Godfather that Michael Corleone made when he tried to quit the mob and a bunch of new mobsters destroyed the entire plan making him go back into mobbing, “just when I thought I was out, they pulled me right back in”. That’s how we feel about the Omicron variant.

Apart from omicron, things were back to business, anybody who wanted to fly could fly out. Guys went back to school etc. it explains the simple nature of life ‘it just goes on’ no matter what. There is no single day the world will stop because of a crisis. Most people have had personal life crises bigger than corona but things go on.  And things seem to be opening up more each day.

Look Unto the Bright Side of Things…

People celebrating in a party Free Photo
great moments ahead!

Nothing lasts forever. Covid came, shook the world a little bit and we got used to it, took the vaccines, and moved on with life.

The vaccine seems effective so just take it if you haven’t. my friends have been arguing that there is no need for a vaccine if you can still get corona from the new variants but I have been telling them it is just like using a condom, you can still get some STDs (skin transmitted ones) from using condoms but that doesn’t stop you from using them. They still help a great deal. And besides, you have been taking vaccines since you were a baby, they haven’t affected you.

The only side effects I had from taking the Pfizer vaccine were minor headaches and flu-like symptoms. And then after 2 days, I was back to my normal state. Nothing major happened.

I went to a local mall I like frequenting today and I was asked for a covid certificate. I thought it was a joke all along, either way, I have been fully vaccinated so I just showed them the text from the health ministry confirming my vaccination.

Another weird lesson I learned through covid is that Pfizer is the Viagra manufacturer. I didn’t know a Viagra manufacturer can come up with such a vaccine that saves lives. At least they have done something revolutionary and respectable with their name. It will be good PR for Pfizer, the Viagra manufacturer.

It is a lesson from Pfizer that you can always do something to change your reputation, which is a major rebranding move from Pfizer. As a guy who started his career by working in advertising, I can tell that Pfizer is a strong brand. A good brand can survive many reputation crises like Pfizer. I don’t want to go into details on how the blue pill affected many old Kenyan men in 2021, even the local daily warned both young and old men to steer clear of that pill. For the first time, they talked about Viagra manufacturer.  Just eat red meat and lots of zinc if you want stronger boners.

Another group of brands that have survived many PR damages is the church, I mean many local churches. I once read an interview by a knighted advertiser and he said the Catholic Church has survived a lot of scandals and that makes them the strongest global brand in history. Do you remember me talking about the ‘Godfather’ movie in the earlier paragraph, in that movie they said the church was working with the mob. The pope himself said a lot of tough guy shit in 2021, first when he was gifted a bottle of Scotch he called it the real holy water. Then later on towards the end of the year he said fornication is not the most serious sin a man can commit. He is way cooler than John Paul.

James Bond is also a brand. And they had a dope movie this year with ‘No Time To Die’.

The church gives hope in the society like I have always said and it is hard bringing it down. I can say both Pfizer and the Catholic Church have been sellers of hope. They shall be longer in the market than we expect.

I don’t mean to be blasphemous right now.

It has been quite a hopeful year, with lots of political campaigns on my side of the world considering that we are going into an election year. I wish I was a political blogger to break things down to detail and tell you will win but I would rather stick to comedy. I don’t want to be squeezed like a tomato sauce bottle because I said something about a politician or certain party. Just register and vote this year if you have never voted before. We want some change. I don’t mean pocket change. During election periods, Kenyans have a habit of receiving handouts from politicians. This time we want real change that we can see and feel.

What plans do you have for 2022? I don’t know but if you want to buy land in the leafy suburbs, there is a half-acre at Waterfront in Karen, Nairobi with a whisper price of Ksh 35,000,000 ($345,000 roughly). WhatsApp me on that number on my bio and I shall make sure it is yours.

Happy New Year folks!


By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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