Vulnerable Women, It Would Help If You Didn’t Sleep With (Lest You Become a Heart breaker)

As a seductive man with a tight game and desirable attributes, tons of women will be attracted to you. And apparently, there are moral reasons why you can’t sleep with some of them, the vulnerable ones who will get hurt if you shag them.

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t prey on vulnerable women for an easy lay as a man because you will damage their emotions and wreck their lives apart knowingly or unknowingly sending them into a whirlwind of bad emotions.

Which woman is vulnerable and which woman is looking for fun depends. And it is essential to know and distinguish between the two.

For vulnerable women, we mean; those women with past trauma who are still healing. Married women in troubled relationships, women who are going through emotional distress, depressed women who are looking for help, women whom you have authority over you if you are in a powerful position etc.

These women don’t have control of their lives, or they can easily be led astray considering their emotional state, and you ought to be responsible as a man when handling such women.

Another group of women I would consider vulnerable is husband hunters, naïve young women who easily fall in love and lack experience. You have to be honest with these if you don’t want something serious with them so that they know what the deal is upfront. They can quickly get together with you thinking they got a lifetime partner or just found the love of their life only to be disappointed when you don’t want anything serious.

A majority of women, let me say people have baggage or are rather emotional messes and can be swayed by a seductive individual to do things they regret later on or feel bad about later on.

As a young man on the prowl, it is advisable to practice due diligence and tread carefully with broken women or distressed women going through hard times.

There is a series I used to love watching a while back when I was in college called ‘client list,’ and it was such an exciting series that revolved around the life of a woman who worked in a massage parlor serving male clients solely.

When she started working there, she discovered that her clients had traumatic issues, and they would open up to her during the massage time. That combination of touch and talk would lead to physical intimacy with the vulnerable male clients she was serving, and her earnings would be unusually high.

She was a sly woman; however, back at her home, she had also been abandoned by a husband who just disappeared one day when things got rough, and that is what pushed her to the massage job. Times were hard for her too. She ended up dating her deadbeat husband’s brother, who was emotionally supportive when the husband ran away. She was vulnerable, and her clients were vulnerable too. 

We all have our vulnerable moments when our guards are low; very few people have a good mastering of their emotions and insecurities and can remain firm even during weak moments. And callous or rather opportunistic people can take advantage of people’s vulnerability.

The truth is that most people can prey on your weaknesses to get whatever they want out of you, both men and women can take advantage of your weakness to benefit themselves, but men are guiltier of this habit. Women can ignore a weak man or even try to fix a vulnerable man.

As a man, when you encounter a woman you would classify as “vulnerable” at a particular moment; these are primarily women whom you feel need more help as opposed to sex; you can just be encouraging and move on to whatever you were up to or help if you want to.

I have realized that most people are more in need of help and not even partners, or maybe many people tell me their problems. Either way, if a woman is compromised in any way;

If she is from heartbreak and is on a rebound, or she is depressed, or she is going through a rough place in her life, I would advise you to steer clear of bedding her. It is okay to let go when the sex might hurt her later on instead of making her feel better. You don’t have to bed them all.

It is the gentlemanly thing to do; ignore women you might hurt if you bed them. Another group of women I would say are vulnerable are soft women. Soft people tend to be hurt a lot more than tough women. I fear soft people; many men I know do fear soft women.

Many people are soft; unfortunately, I have had even men act very emotional and affected around me, and I am not even a tough guy as such.

As I end this, I would say that vulnerabilities are okay. They are flaws that make you human and a little relatable if portrayed correctly. However, if someone is an emotional mess and not in a place to make the right call, you will be the one to do the right thing and avoid an outcome that will put them in a worse place than they are at the moment.

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By Slade Jeff

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