The Truth Doesn’t Hurt, it is Uncomfortable

I have heard it a million times, the truth hurts but does it? Or is the truth just uncomfortable?

I am sure you have had people tell you something crazy and stare into your eyes, “it is the truth”. Or maybe they were just right and hitting with hard facts and then but the nail on the coffin with “it is the truth”. And the truth is hard to swallow.

I have read many times on different platforms that most people don’t have a true understanding of themselves or they are rather pretentious and avoid the realities of life and when you confront them with the hard truth, they get very defensive. When you point out something wrong they are doing, they become angry or take offense.

Well, the truth is ugly I would agree with that, and many people would avoid it and rather live a lie, which is unfortunate considering that if you live a lie, you are lying to yourself. The truth wouldn’t change into a lie because you live a lie.

However, the truth is usually unknown most of the time, the truth tends to be way deeper and more nuanced and most people don’t take the time to go into the root of issues. What is “common” or rather popular are half-truths. And those are worse than lies, those things which are close to the truth but not the truths are the worst lies. When decisions are made based on half-truths, they become half-baked decisions that don’t give concrete solutions.

What are you basing your truth on? Rumors, hearsay, scientific experiments, or your observation. All these methods might be correct or utterly wrong in finding the truth.

Even if you observe something, your observation capability is limited to your knowledge of the situation. I can watch two people fight but I don’t understand the context of that fight. Maybe they are two friends playing around. I wouldn’t say I saw an ugly fight. I wouldn’t even say I saw a fight. However, some things are clear, if I saw them pulling guns on each other or beating each other like dogs, I would say that was indeed a fight.

 Okay, that was just an example, I didn’t see two people pulling firearms on each other. When we talk about people who claim to be dishing out the truth, you will see a bunch of lonely people or exiled people. Governments or individuals don’t like the truth. You can be right for all you want but still die alone. I believe being right and honesty are overrated to some extent.

I have encountered people who claim to be real and brutally honest. They would say some things that won’t come out of my mouth but deep down they were wounded. They were cruel, not honest or maybe they were autistic. Honesty delivered without kindness is cruelty not real.

Real people recognize that sometimes you ignore some things or sugarcoat them or you tell white lies to protect people’s feelings. I was once in a friend’s place and she was removing a trash bag from the house to dispose of. It was smelling and she asked me if the odor is bad, I told her no, it is not smelling.

She, later on, asked me why I lied to her after removing the trash bag, and I didn’t answer that. She then told me I am sensitive. Yes, I am sensitive to people’s feelings. Bloggers, comedians are vloggers are considered insensitive and ruthless in delivering content. You can tell that such breeds of content creators don’t last long with their extremeness. There is time to be blunt and time to be sensitive.

The only place you need the truth might be in a court of law or your relationship because the consequences of lies in both of these cases can be detrimental to your life. You can lose an important case or you can be in a bad relationship that is full of lies. this is where we say “the truth shall set you free”. However, in most cases the truth shall just be uncomfortable and not set people free.

If your girlfriend asks you if she has gained weight or she has a little belly fat, that is not the time to give her a reality check, the truth shall not set you free. Ignore it.

Concerned man spying on girlfriend sms on mobile phone. young woman holding smartphone and browsing internet while her boyfriend looks at notification on screen in studio, expecting betrayal.

When faced with reality, most people avoid it instead of confronting it. On the other hand, no one is 100 percent honest, only a fool is. There are those lies that are said because the truths of life can be ugly.

Sometimes what is true or not depends on the framing, let me point out that even if something is wrong but it is repeated many times, it is hammered in your head and you keep absorbing it, with time you will come to believe it. You can stay away from influences that try to force you into believing certain untrue things.

It is like winning an argument, you win arguments because you a great debater and your frame is ironclad, not because you are necessarily right, although the best frames comes from knowing you are right. Above all, if you have real experience with something, you just know the truth about it, it doesn’t matter what external influences say. You just know the sky is blue, you just know a majority of Africans are black so no matter what anybody says, you just know the truth.

Find the truth and use it when necessary, most of the time it doesn’t even matter. We are living in an era of fake news, myths and stereotypes; most of which have half baked truths and fallacies. You got to be wise what you believe or trust.

Uncle Slade!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through for business.

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