Simple Valentine’s Date Ideas For You

Valentine’s here and it’s hard to ignore. Whether you are dating or in some casual relationship, you at least have an idea or lack an idea of what to do.

First of all, if you don’t have a date yet, you can still get one. It is still early, there are 7 days left to the day. That is a lot of time to get a date. Even on the Valentine date itself, you can still go out and get a date and have a bit of fun.

So, what means the world to you? How would you want your perfect Valentine to look like?

I have simple date ideas you can use to charm the love of your life or just your FWB or your wife. Although I won’t advise you to go out on valentines with a FWB. If you have a FWB, do the 13th with them. The 14th February date is usually for couples.

Another rule I have is to not do a first date on Valentine. It can’t be the first date you are going with a gal. if it is the first time you are going out with her, do the 13th not the 14th. If you do 14th with her, you will be sub-communicating a desire to start a serious relationship. So, we are clear now on how to proceed.

Here are a few simple tips for gifts and dates for valentines

If you can’t go out on that day, do the 13th or organize for a gift to be delivered. It can be as simple as a pair of red hot heels, a dress, a bottle of wine and chocolates, a watch, a bracelet, kitchenware, or jewelry. One thing to keep in mind about gifts is to offer something that your partner can be using every time not something they will use once and forget about.

If you are out for a treat, you can offer a treat in a spa that caters to everything for a whole month or the next two months. Just find a nice spa talk to the owner and tell them you want to gift your woman with a treat for two months, you can talk about the package and decide on the price. For the next two months, she can be enjoying the treat.

  • A candle-lit dinner on a hotel balcony while watching the sunset is also good idea
  • A simple lunch is enough and a bouquet. Love doesn’t cost a thing. It is the cliché thing to do on Valentine
  • You can also go the traditional route of a dinner out in a club or a restaurant, a few drinks after, and a nightcap at your place and whatever else
  • If you are rich you can book a 5-star treat, the hotels in your city must be having Valentine’s treats you can check out. A four-season breakfast is not a bad way to start your valentines
  • You can go out dancing and drinking till late at night
  • You can propose to your woman if you want to settle down this year. That is quite a gift if she’s expecting marriage from you soon

Those are some simple ideas you can try if you are up for a simple treat. The problem with this Valentine’s is that it is appearing on a midweek, Wednesday is not a good day for a holiday. However, humans are going to do what they want to do. There is a group herding effect and social pressure that comes with falling along with what everyone else is doing. People will still celebrate Valentine.

You will find some women telling you as a man how they don’t care about valentines and it is just a day like any other. You might feel like as a man she is understanding and you won’t have to do anything. I will strongly advise you as a man to not listen to your woman if she says such a thing and just do something simple from this list. If someone has to say they don’t care about something, they probably care about it more than they think. Women are women, listen to their actions, not their words. She might feel unloved when her friends talk about the gifts and treats their men did for them and her man didn’t bother doing anything. She cares about Valentine even if it is a little bit. No woman is that gangster for valentine.

My countrymen Kenyans celebrate valentines but it is not a big holiday like it is in Tanzania. Swahili people cherish love and the coming together of two people. If you watch Tanzanian TV stations right now, they are airing a lot of Valentine videos and stories. However, Kenyans still value valentines and talk a lot about it. We might not care so much about but we still do.

Happy Valentines.

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