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I have praised WhatsApp here before for making communication easy. Back in the days if your hommie traveled to America for study or work, you just had to forget about talking to him because it was almost impossible. You would pay a lot just to say hi to them. But with WhatsApp and IG you can constantly gossip on the latest muchene. But I don’t gossip.

However, you have noticed that WhatsApp iko na option ya kudelete message ushasend i.e you can recall back something you have said. My friend that is magic if you ask me because in real life once you have said something, do you know you can’t take it back? It is like returning a flight that has took off. There is a meme which says that there is freedom for speech BUT your freedom after speech is what we can’t guarantee. You don’t know how that feature has saved a lot of people from getting into trouble.

It is not uncommon for you to open your WhatsApp after a long day only to receive deleted messages. In fact you start thinking your friend is a coward who can’t say what is in their mind but naah, it is just modern communication. You can also see someone typing for long only to send ‘okay’. That is not weird either. You can still see your bae typing but you never receive the message…eish! kwani iko nini? You wonder.

All those are strange communication patterns you have to get used to. I am chatty as a person, I can text back and forth with people for hours. I guess that’s why I am a writer, I don’t ever struggle with content. My friends pointed out for me that I chat too much with people instead of just meeting with them and getting to hangout. They think I am a text buddy.

Now, back to deleted messages, don’t take it personal yet. Just take it easy because it might have been a message sent to the wrong group. Or It can be a nude sometime. Someone once told me they sent a nude accidentally to the wrong person and they had to delete it before it was received. I advise guys not to take nudes though. But you know millennials, they will do exactly what they are told not to. Curiosity.

Take too long to delete a message and the wrong recipient will have read it. Sometime you can delete a message and the other person wonders why?? Because they had seen it and had no problem with it. I think most people are over cautious online. We like a polite conversation and that’s a good thing.

By Slade Jeff

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