What to do when your life is in danger

Okay, you must have said some dumb stupid things to the wrong guys and now there is a price on your head. That’s the only solid reason for your life being in danger. Or maybe you played someone and ripped them off, or you’ve just made a lot of money. Or maybe you live in an insecure country or a bad part of town. It is either those or you are just paranoid.

If you have paranoia I still can’t blame you, some people invite a bad vibe to their life with their aura. You brought it upon yourself. Above all, human life is in constant threat; we think aliens will come from the space and invade the earth like air force guys killing all humans. If you have watched a lot of sci-fi movies, you most likely have that kind of feeling.

If you have checked all the boxes, and you still can’t find a reason for your life to be in danger, you might want to consider if you are a politician or an activist or a military man. Forget about the latter, military men signed up for a dangerous life when they chose that career. On the other hand politicians and activists are notorious for saying that their lives are under siege just to get our attention.

Your enemies may not be real

Many people have imaginary enemies, as much as some do have imaginary friends. The guys you consider your enemies might just have different views as opposed to yours, and those you consider friends may just be acquaintances, business partners, nice people who smile at everyone. So, just know who is who before you develop ideas in your head.

If you ever feel like your life is under any form of threat, whether real or imaginary, I don’t think saying it is the best response. Just keep quiet and think of how you will counter this threat. You want to first change your pattern of lifestyle. Most people have a predictable way of life and if someone was to get you, it won’t be difficult. Changing your pattern doesn’t mean going to the village either. It’s a wrong move.

Developing unpredictable behavior is not only good for keeping you safe but also avoiding being boring, the most boring people are easy to read and have no mystery, here we are trying to create you a persona that will make you enigmatic. Those people who you think are after you will have an uphill task getting to you. If you are in the public eye and you see yourself as a target, don’t tell people so much about you, you want to speak less. Speaking a lot kills all the mystery and you might just reveal things that allow people to know where you live, drink, go to the gym, take your girlfriend out, etc.

Don’t expose yourself to danger

Avoid being too open, this generation of ours overshare too much. We think we can say anything we want to, but the world is not that open. Our parents’ generation was more secretive. You hang out with a new friend these days and in just one hour you know their deepest desires and life stories.  This is risky because if your life is really in danger, your enemies might not even hurt you physically but just attack your image. They can go on a smear campaign using the information you leave all over on social media, WhatsApp status, WhatsApp groups et al.

No stranger needs to know where you live, what you like drinking, where you go dancing, whom you are sleeping with. Keep some of that to yourself. This is for people in the public eye, not commoners like me, I don’t think anybody is interested in the life of a regular citizen. However, even if you are just a common citizen, you still want to keep things private because your past can come up when you succeed big one day. We have all seen photos of celebs from way back when they were hustling.

Tackle serious threats

On serious threats to your life, let’s say killers are after you. Are you able to fight yourself? It’s important to know how to tussle and shoot if you in a risky career like military or politics. You can also hire security. Have your shooters with you. We are primal beings at the core, forget about all these laws laid down to protect us, these killers don’t live by the law. Even the law acknowledges self-defense, should some son of a woman try to take you out, you are allowed to drop him. And thus stop fearing threats, get a licensed firearm, and beef up your security.

As men our lives are always in danger, we can become extinct at any time if we don’t fight for our survival. Other men can take all the good women and you will have no strong woman to help you pass your genes if you want to. Neighboring countries can attack your nation and abduct you, or a tsunami or earthquake caused by global warming can wipe you out. A pandemic like a coronavirus can kill you and end all your plans before you achieve anything and just finish your history like that. This life is cruel boys. And thus a man has to protect himself on all fronts.

How strong are you as a man? Mentally, physically, health-wise, skill-wise…if you just have security but your health is bad, your life is still in danger, guns cannot protect you from the corona. You must live well and develop a strong immune that is not vulnerable to diseases like this coronavirus. Have skills that will enable you to put food on the table, be strong of mind, and overcome the curves life throws at you.

As we conclude…

Life is here for us to live, my writing biography says I am full of life and thus I don’t like living with the fear that something bad will happen, and your biggest fears probably didn’t happen if you look back. Fear itself is not bad, it’s an instinct, use it as a motivator. And if you don’t have fear, you can do some silly things. At the same time, stop chasing clout by saying your life is under threat, we all fear for our lives and futures…

Be safe!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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