The Average Joe (the man you don’t want to be)

Don’t be that guy is a common phrase among men when advising each other, but the one guy you don’t want to be is the average Joe. For ladies, it is the plain Jane. The normal chic. When the blog was new my bio read “I am your boy next door”. And for sure, I see myself as just a regular guy with some writing talent. However, I don’t like the term average. It is vanilla. Plus the average Joe is a guy with nothing much to write about.

If you are described as normal, regular, or okay, then you might be an average Joe. You still need to improve considerably because you are not yet in the leagues of bonafide men. It is a vague term because you can be normal in some things and excel in others so an average Joe is just average in every aspect of his life.

Most people are likely to end up normal because not everyone has the ambition to surpass the average and live life on the fast lane. Again, not everyone has the spine for fighting against the odds to get tremendous achievements. Even if they do, they shall only try to achieve success in one area, let’s say career wise. They won’t consider success in health or relationships.

That is okay if what you value the most is just your career or health, sure enough. You can just work at that.

I see no problem with the average Joe if that is his potential. This is a guy who just wants to fit in with the system and not stand out. He is following the normal path.

In the tall poppy syndrome, it is the poppy that tries to outdo the rest that gets chopped off, and thus a majority of people will shy away from being excellent at what they are doing because they want to be just like the rest, they prefer normalcy.

I also prefer normal things. I eat normal food, wear normal clothes and go to regular places. I might be very tall but I don’t suffer from the tall poppy syndrome. No one has tried to chop off my head for being too tall.

This idea of the tall poppy syndrome started in Australia, a country known for very tall strong men strangely, the home to Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman, men way too far from average. The tall poppy syndrome refers to cutting down high achievers who stand out in the field of mediocre performers. That is very strange, it is a means of maintaining the status quo.

Why would someone rag on excellence just like that? I might prefer the normal stuff but I am all for excellence, I advise you to go for it. I am not a fan of collective levelling as much as I lean more towards modesty and normalcy.

It is said that in some society like Scandinavia, there is a tendency to create a compassionate social system which promotes equal distribution and social responsibility so that no one is very rich nor also very poor.

In Japan, it is stated that “the nail sticking up gets hammered down”. Well, that sounds like those traditional sayings that are overtaken by time. Time changes. You want to humble people for nothing.

A majority of men might end up average, there are only a few alphas. And even if you are an alpha in one group, you won’t be an alpha when you join other circles, every circle has its alpha unless you are going around knocking out the alpha in every circle and establishing yourself as the top dog. That can be very draining, you will collect many enemies.

What is average is just normal, I would say even boring at times. It is not that bad. You can be better than average.

You can be an average Joe with a self-improvement mindset. That will fuel you to improve your abilities and status in many areas to be above the ordinary.

Nice Week!

By Slade Jeff

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