Tough Guy Vibe (How to Create one)

It is good being a super tough guy. Men will tremble in front of you, and women will weaken in your presence. Okay, not necessarily, especially for the latter; women are attracted to powerful men, not necessarily tough guys. Being a tough man is suitable for the former reason. Men will think twice before trying to mess with you.

Other people are constantly feeling you out, trying to smell weakness. Even if the person you are interacting with is a lovely person and with time they sense you are soft, they shall try to rag on you. It is thus essential to grow a spine.

I don’t fit the tough guy definition because my demeanour is rather calm and easy-going. Tough guys are more rugged and macho.  However, it is more than the look. It is in your strength of frame and even physicality. You should be able to tussle if it comes to that.

Tough guys don’t shy away from a fight. They are always on fight mode. Think of military men or flying squad cops. I had a parent who was in the flying squad when we were young, and he would openly brag about how he has never been scared of a fight. And he would boast of all the bullets he has missed in exchange of fire with thugs.

That’s the problem with being a tough guy; your life might always be on the line trying to prove that toughness.

But Life can be Tough.

Some people consider life difficult; others feel like it is manageable if you have the right skills and create great relationships. Whichever side you belong to, you need some muscle to survive, not the visible muscles but mental strength; that’s where toughness comes from. That military man is not just trained on how to fight terrorists but also how to endure tough times.

To be a tough guy, you need to be emotionless, don’t be a robot but be low in emotions. Only psychopaths don’t have emotions. Don’t sweat the small stuff; that’s what I am saying. Being overly sensitive and reactive to everything is not tough.

You can learn boxing or martial arts or get tattoos or grow beards; all these are visible traits of a tough guy. Above all, be calm and wear a stoic look like a Nazi soldier. Tough guys don’t smile sheepishly. I know men who rarely laugh, and they can’t remember the last time they cried.

You can get involved with manly activities; rock climbing, plowing, martial arts, boxing etc.

Toughness is not rudeness, nor is it even savagery. Don’t confuse these things. A rude person lacks manners and says shitty things at an inappropriate time. They can’t express themselves without resorting to insults. I find savages to lack mastery of emotions.

Tough guys have good control of their emotions; they don’t let their feelings lead them astray. They can use their emotions for better. When we talk of tough guys, think of Robert de Niro or Al Pacino in movies. Those are some of the toughest guys onscreen I can think of.

You can watch them on heat; it is one of the tough guy movies you can always check out on the weekend.

Just like with everything, there is a line on toughness. When you are very, very tough, you might be an outsider because it is not relatable. Don’t kill all the humanity in you in search of toughness. Be tough, don’t be easily moved by things but at the same time feel things.

Grow a tough skin but don’t turn into a bulldozer who runs into things and doesn’t even feel them. Your mettle can get overly tough if you are not careful. When people start telling you that you are not sensitive, it is an alarm that you are going overboard with your toughness.

Some guys put on a tough vibe but deep down, they are very soft. If you look closely, you can tell that it is all just an act. Real tough guys don’t act tough. They are just tough from their vibe and even actions.

You can act tough if you want to get tough before finally figuring it out and stopping putting up an act. Those guys who act tough welcome many challengers because they try to intimidate others; people want to see if they are all about what they do or say.

You might not be a tough guy for long if you are acting up. It will catch up with you in the long run. People are tough out here, so you better be ready to get something back when you act tough. I am not tough on the blog. I am all easy out here.

You guys have a kick-ass weekend. Sorry I haven’t been publishing a lot of late. The blog had been attacked by malware, now we are good!



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