A Neat Freak and a Dirty

Studies show that relationships are rocky when the male is too tidy.

Do women like clean men? Not as much as you think. She might prefer a dirty man as opposed to a clean chap. A former lecturer once pointed out to us that when a man is too clean, the affair is bound to have issues, I didn’t think much about it at that time. University lecturers tend to be a little off so I dismissed him.

However, he said there is research to back it up. I can’t seem to locate it but I have come across pieces of information on the internet that supports his statements.

I have also heard women talking about making out with homeless men. I laughed.

Well, to begin with, women themselves are dirty-minded people. I have been shocked to discover how dirty females are. I didn’t know that.

And there is a little bit of indifference when a woman encounters a neat freak with white bed sheets. The couple will end up having different tolerant levels for messes.

Men who don’t like messes tend to be pissed off easily and don’t even make good fathers let alone boyfriends because kids are very messy. How will such a man handle toddlers who wash TV with water? The things kids do are crazy.

You will be her dirty man.

She wants a man who uses her hands, not a man who handles her with gloves. So it is time to get your hands dirty brothers.

You should be willing to get your hands dirty at times, fixing leaking taps and washrooms.

You won’t be too clean for life.

women associate cleanliness with weakness according to one article I read a long time ago, she might be scared a clean man will always be sick if he exposed to a little dirt.

That is a valid opinion because even doctors advise men not to spend so much time in the shower, not longer than 4 minutes. In fact, you don’t need to shower if you just had a normal day, only shower if you were in the field all day and feeling greasy and itchy. And men are told to not even use soap when cleaning up. Your skin doesn’t like soap on it all the time because it leaves layers.

In the first article to ever go up on this site, I told a story of a girl I took on a date who said she doesn’t want a man who is cleaner and better dressed than her. Well, research even further states that you can’t be better looking than your woman as a man. The relationship is bound to have issues.

Many more women have come out to admit they love some dirt and don’t mind a little sweat in a man. Sweat is one of the most attractive things she can see on your face.

It shows you are working on something and that’s attractive, it also shows that you don’t mind a little dirt.

A dirty man won’t mind going into some dirty places with her. This doesn’t mean having a date watching the dumpsite with her, that is extreme.

I have had a date sitting on a bench watching the traffic. And it was just fine, there is nothing dirty about that.

There is nothing more dirtily than the things you will end up doing with each other during courtship.

How can you get dirty? Start by learning how to trash talk. The way boxers do before a fight. There is usually a lot of dirty words they throw around as they pound their chest on how they are just about to smack an opponent.

Another way is to perform manual labor, like the blue-collar guys. Women like men with rough hands. Working hands. That’s why they find plumbers quite attractive. You can also learn how to repair sinks and lay the pipe like the plumbers.

You can plow with your hands, this means you can plough her too with the same strength. Digging your kitchen garden or keeping plants at home goes a long way. You are not only a dirty man but also a man who takes care of plants, that is quite alluring to females that you can look after something and water it till it grows. You are indeed patient and nurturing. And women like nurturing things so that shows them you share a feminine side with them.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness Slade? Well, God himself made you from dirt, and you shall return to dust.

Nice Weekend!

By Slade Jeff

I am a zen, I love this life plus a lot of wine..I will keep your days filled with interesting content. I am also pro-brands, I tell stories about them at a fair price, let me put in a good word for you. Contact me through japhethsylvester1@gmail.com for business.

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