Brazilian Butt Lift Vs Natural (Big Butt Big Life)

Call it vanity or whatever but a lady’s life can change when she grows some ass. And a man’s life can change when he grows some balls. Should a lady get butt-lift injections to develop their posterior? I like some good ass just like the next man. And women being image-conscious and insecure about their bodies, are always trying to improve their physical appearance to attract the best suitors they can get. Brazilian Butt Lift, bleaching, nose jobs, boob surgery, or any cosmetic surgery that can give a lady an extra edge is very common in our cities nowadays.

BBL has been equated to a big butt big life.

What is the obsession with a big booty or a well-sculpted behind? Men are always chasing tail and women are always looking to show off their booty. It is one of the most physically attractive traits in a woman. Not many men are boob men. I like D-cup size breasts even more than booty but I will tell you that even among men who like boobies, when you see a good ass, you might just forget you prefer boobies.

Socialites and IG models have made it even worse for young gals. They have set the standards for beauty which seem unattainable and as long as young gals look up to them for inspiration, they will always feel like they are coming short in the beauty department. When a gal is out with her friend who has a big behind, most of the time it is the big booty friend who attracts male attention.

she can easily catch your attention!

But think of it a bit, is it the right attention? And who cares about that any way, women like attention whether it is for the right reasons or wrong reasons, if you can attract attention whether with your ass or your good brains, it is all attention baby.

Many men would say they prefer natural booties over BBLs until a woman with photoshopped booty and boobies shows up. They forget their preference, as long as a lady’s fundamental triggers the mating desires in a man, whether those fundamentals are developed or natural doesn’t matter. A man will be driven to act on those carnal desires if they are triggered. In the same way, a man can also go to the gym, trim himself well, use supplements to develop some muscles, buy some well-fitting clothes, and get a cool haircut, and raise his attractiveness from a 6 to a 9.

Should a lady get her ass done? I don’t know, I am not a woman and I am not in a position to tell people what to do with their bodies, but those who do it seem to be doing well in as much as it doesn’t work for others and they even lose their lives in the process of enhancing their beauty.

There are many ways to improve your fundamentals and if you can do it without cosmetic surgery, the better you will be. A skinny man can workout and gain muscles by tapping into his natural strength without using supplements. I think a lady can also improve some of her fundamentals without relying on butt-lift injections and boob surgery. However, there is only so much you can improve if you are not well endowed naturally with a big behind or chest.

Gals can squat and do split exercises to grow their butt to a certain level but if you want to look like a socialite or your favorite pornstar with HD-enhanced body features, you can get surgery at your own risk. We have seen men die from using performance-enhancement drugs and steroids and women pass away from butt surgeries gone bad.

Your favorite celebrities might have had their skin bleached or butts done but they probably visited an expensive plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills for that nose job not some backstreet doctor with questionable license and education. It is like abortion, you can do it in the backstreet and risk your life or you can go to a good doctor. I don’t support abortion because it does harm to the health of a mother. I am not sure where I stand with BBL. However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you get your surgery done, after some period, these things don’t look good on people, Michael Jackson didn’t look that good with the surgeries.

How far can you go with improving fundamentals?

Everything can be done in moderation. A gal can cleanse her face or wear makeup or get a new hairstyle to look better. Women can also pierce their ears and nose or belly.  An overweight gal can watch their calorie intake or workout to stay in shape. That is all good. A man can exceedingly improve his look by working on his body and fashion and whitening his teeth, that’s still good.

The moment you go to the extreme end, looksmaxxing; piercings all over your body i.e nipple piercings, hundreds of tattoos, tons of plastic surgery, and injecting steroids, you are getting into the danger zone, and coming back from that might not be so easy.

How much do men care about a big booty?

Not as much as women think, the same way men think women care so much about the size of their junk while they actually don’t is the same way women think men care so much about their ass while they don’t. It will be good if you have some firm, well-rounded ass but anything humongous is not necessary. A skinny gal with a pretty ass is still doing just fine in attracting men. Ask a skinny, pretty gal with a beautiful face, a nice smile and unbridled sexuality if she doesn’t attract men. I would be surprised if she doesn’t.

Everything is in moderation, just enough. No man needs a thick-ass wife or girlfriend to feel good and be happy, it is just a single physical trait. The same way no woman needs a big dick man to be happy and satisfied in a relationship, it is just one of the many attributes a man can have. May be some women might need an elephantine cock but they are not the majority.

We all have our insecurities but don’t let your insecurities push you into looksmaxxing. If you can avoid weird cosmetic surgeries and crazy body transformation procedures that can backfire in a major way, just stay off. Work out, drink water, whiten your teeth, cleanse your face, wear nice clothes, smell good, read good books and you will just be fine. Don’t try to look like those IG and TikTok models with tiny waists and big booties like sex dolls, no one in real life looks like that, it is biologically impossible to have a very tiny waist and a big ass like those you see on IG, those images might be enhanced.

Break a leg.


By Slade Jeff

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