June 21, 2020

Daddy Issues and Happy Fathers’ Day

Father-daughter relationship is stronger than father-son relationship. Most of the happy father’s day messages are coming from women to their dad’s. Men are waiting for mothers’ […]
June 17, 2020

How to be a Networker Extraordinaire

Whether you want to create a harem of hot women or a boys club for your golf sessions, my tips can help you turn into that […]
June 6, 2020

What to do when your life is in danger

Okay, you must have said some dumb stupid things to the wrong guys and now there is a price on your head. That’s the only solid […]
May 30, 2020

Why women ask if you are gay

I don’t like gay stories; I have always had better things to talk about. Gay people have been there and will always be there, in fact, […]